Universal Audio Unveils the New Apollo X Line of Interfaces

By September 7, 2018News, Recording
Universal Audio Apollo X

Since their release, Universal’s Apollo line has been a staple in many studios, from passionate hobbyists to the professional, loved for their dynamic range, clarity and analogue-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion compatibility. The latest rendition of these much-loved interfaces is the X series which includes four Thunderbolt 3 audio interfaces.

Universal Audio Apollo XUniversal Audio’s Apollo X series provides an upgrade on their Apollo series, loved by studio professionals for their dynamic range and clarity.

The series starts with the Apollo x6, which offers 16×22 simultaneous inputs/outputs (6×6 analog I/O), two mic preamps and 5.1.

The Apollo x8 is the next step up with 18×24 simultaneous inputs/outputs (8×8 analog I/O) and four mic preamps. The Apollo x8p packs in a lot of features with 18×22 simultaneous input/outputs and 8×8 analog I/O, but with eight Unison-enabled mic preamps.

The flagship Apollo x16 for professional studios offers a larger dynamic range of 133 dB and 18×20 simultaneous inputs/outputs via Thunderbolt 3 and 16×16 analog I/O via DB-25 connectors.

All of the new series’ Unison-enabled preamps can access authentic emulations from Neve, API, Manley, Helios, and more and can integrate with high-end commercial systems, via 7.1 surround sound and selectable +24 dBu headroom. Each unit comes equipt with HEXA Core processor, featuring 6 UAD DSP chips for running UAD Powered Plug-Ins.

For more information check out the Universal Audio website.

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