UK Sound Launches the 276 Dual-Channel Compressor

By June 5, 2019News, Outboard
compressor 276 uk sound bae

UK Sound, a subsidiary of BAE, has launched the 276 dual-channel mono compressor. If you haven’t guessed by the name, it’s inspired by one of the giants of the art.

compressor 276 uk sound bae

The 276 dual-channel mono compressor is that latest from UK Sound. As you might expect, it’s design is based based on a classic FET compressor of yesteryear.

Since the ’60s, Universal Audio periodically released versions of the 1176 compressor – it’s since become one of the most popular and oft-imitated pieces of outboard in history.

The new device accurately resembles the classic in terms of topology of the classic. It has a knob each for attack and release times, with slow to the left and fast to the right. The ratios include the 4, 8, 12 and 20 to 1, alongside the infamous all buttons in switch.

It differs greatly in aesthetic though, with the two channels neatly fitting in sit by side within the a 1U rackmounted unit – which also reduces the cost significantly.

For more details, visit the BAE website. 

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