Watch the Twin Peaks Theme Played on Twin Novation Peaks at Twin Peaks

By June 5, 2019News, Recording, Synths
Twin Peaks Theme

This is simply the case of a story that had to be done. Ambient audio enthusiast and YouTuber ann annie has done something truly amazing – recreating the Twin Peaks theme on twin Novation Peaks on location at Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Theme

How many themes could twin peaks peak if a twin peak could peak peaks?

Surely the planets have aligned or something. Anne annie’s undertaking is something slightly surreal, kind of like David Lynch’s original, but ann annie has actually done a stellar job of covering Laura Palmer’s Theme from the iconic TV series.

The ambient music producer also took on the task of recording the performance live from Twin Peaks, a stunning location two-hours drive from Roslyn, Washington. Annie has also included notes, stating that video was captured with a Canon 60D, and under ‘patch notes’ states, “TWO PEAKS// one string one keyboard”. I guess that’s relatively self-explanatory.

All in all, it’s quite a large commitment, but watching the video below I’m sure we can all agree that the human race is now better off for it.

If you liked this clip, be sure to check out other ambient experiments from ann annie’s YouTube channel and ann annie’s bandcamp for more great music.

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