Turn Your Phone Into a Theremin With Roboheadz’ AirSynth

By May 14, 2019News, Software, Synths
Roboheadz Airsynth

AirSynth is a new app by Roboheadz that combines new technology with old sounds to turn your phone into a theremin. By waving your hands over the camera you can create all manners of wurring and wizzing noises with the AirSynth’s six different voices.

Roboheadz Airsynth

Is your phone lacking something? Perhaps it needs more theremin functionality? Well friend, go no further than the AirSynth by Roboheadz.

The AirSynth can creates realistic theremin sounds, perfect if you happen to be creating a sci-fi soundtrack or something. The app tracks the user’s hands using depth sensing cameras and alters pitch and volume in accordance to their movement. The modern user interface even provides a real-time visualisation of what it sees – hands flailing around awkwardly in the air.

The app requires the TrueDepth camera found in iPhone X, XS, XR and iPad Pro models.

If you’ve got the right phone, head on over to the App Store to check it out.

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