Turn Microsoft Excel Into a Sequencer With Excel MIDI

By November 26, 2018News, Synths
excel sequencer

Have you ever wanted to sequence lead lines with your tax return? No? Well, anyway now you can. Excel MIDI is the new program you never knew you needed and as its name suggests, it turns Microsoft Excel cells into MIDI data.

excel sequencer

With the ability to turn Microsoft Excel into a detailed MIDI mapper and sequencer, Excel Midi is a procrastinator’s new best friend.

Who would’ve thought that the humble Microsoft Excel would be your new best production friend?

Excel MIDI works via Sound Forge, and takes advantage of Excel’s vertical and horizontal axes, allowing users to program MIDI parameters in detail, as well as adjusting the sequence length, measure and time signature.

The MIDI messages can be sent to any MIDI device for playback, meaning you can use Excel basically as a notation program to draw in everything from beats to basslines.

It would come in handy if you’ve been wanting to produce electronic tracks on the sly at work, or maybe you just want to hear what your tax return sounds like?

Excel Midi can be downloaded from the Sound Forge website.

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