Try Before You Buy: A New Website Lets You Test Synths Out Remotely

By July 18, 2017News, Synths
test synths prophet enmore audio

Play-a-Synth is a new crowdsourced website which lets you test synths out before you buy them. Doesn’t even matter if they’re in another country, you can still give them a whirl.

There’s always a big risk involved in buying a new hardware synth. All the pre-release videos or patch demos in the world can’t replace the feeling of playing a synth for yourself, which is the gap this tool aims to bridge.

test synths prophet enmore audio

Ever wanted to test synths out before you buy them? Play-a-Synth wants to let you, but they need your help first.

The site is currently in a beta testing phase, so you can expect a few glitches and crashes here and there, not to mention some downtime. This also means the user base is still quite small, so if you’re a synth owner… jump on board.

Personally, the thought of being able to play a Minilogue in Finland with my MIDI keyboard is too damn exciting for words. Can’t wait to see where this one will go.

Via Reddit.

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