Trixi Studios’ “Take On Me” Creates 80s Pop Magic In Your Living Room

By August 1, 2017Happy, News

Trixi Studios have created an ingenious tribute to A-ha’s “Take On Me” video clip.

A-ha’s “Take On Me” video broke new ground in the early MTV era. Developers Trixi Studios have honoured the classic clip in a new way.

The make-believe world of the hand drawn mixed with reality was the core visual feature “Take On Me”, the hit song by Norwegian pop outfit A-ha. In the video released by Trixi Studios, this world is recreated in the form of an augmented reality app.

The new version of the video clip showcases the power of the augmented reality and how easily it can be created on platforms like Apple ARkit. With augmented reality so easily implementable for app developers, expect a slew of new and creative uses of the technology.

There are unfortunately no plans to release the app as yet, but you can find out more about Trixi Studios on their website.

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