Travis & Fripp Apps Deliver a New Listening Experience Every Time

By December 4, 2018News, Recording, Software

From developer Peter Chilvers comes Travis & Fripp I,II and III apps. The sounds were assembled from the recording collaboration between guitarist Robert Fripp and flautist/saxophonist Theo Travis.

The new Travis & Fripp app series invites you to get lost in the undulations of live performance and mesmerising visuals. Each virtual live performance offers a unique combination of sounds.

Chilvers has previously worked alongside Brian Eno to develop the Bloom, Trope and Reflection apps, which similarly combine generative music with an immersive visual palette.

The app sources the music recorded by Fripp and Travis over a decade of collaboration, combining old performances with new, studio recordings with live and exclusive, unreleased material with the familiar.

Each of the three apps has its mood, with the slowly flowing visuals responding specifically to the music.

Found out more on the app store.

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