Transparent Tone: Joe Bonamassa Unveils See-Through Fender Twin

By August 27, 2019Amps, News

American blues guitarist, Joe Bonamassa has just revealed an almost completely transparent Fender Twin guitar amp made of Lucite.

In the post made on Instagram, the amp is pictured glowing whilst Bonamassa plays through it.Fender Twin-Amp

Joe Bonamassa continues his appreciation of the Fender Twin, reveals a striking, translucent version made of Lucite in “world first”.

Bonamassa has often spoken of his love for Fender’s legendary “high powered” ’59 tweed Twin-Amp. Last March he launched his own limited edition reissue of the amp – the ’59 JB Edition – making it the first time Fender had released a high powered tweed twin model in 60 years.

Much like Bonamassa’s Twin, this Lucite amp has two 12″ Celestion JB-85 speakers, however, its other specifications remain unknown.

The Lucite amp recalls a prototype Lucite Stratocaster made by Fender back in 1961, which weighed 18lb (around 8 kg), more than double a normal Strat. The Lucite Twin-Amp would boast a similarly heavy weight, and Bonamassa joined in with some of the commenters on his post joking about this, also describing his plans to add LEDs to the amp.Lucite Fender-TwinIn the post, Bonamassa thanked Fender for their help on the project, describing it as: “The world’s first and possibly only Fender high power Twin Amp in lucite.”

Check out Bonamassa’s photos of the amp here.

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