Transform Your Trackpad into a MIDI Controller with AudioSwift 2

By September 26, 2018News, Production, Recording, Software

AudioSwift 2 is a software device that transforms your trackpad into a MIDI controller. You can use to play beats, mix with virtual faders, sweep through scales and more.

The humble trackpad just got an upgrade. Meet AudioSwift 2 – an ingenious app that allows you to turn your trackpad into a secret production weapon.

AudioSwift 2 was developed by Nigel Rios for Mac OS and features five controller modes for navigating almost any parameter of a DAW based production.

The Slider function divides the trackpad into four sliders, perfect for adding expressiveness to virtual instrument performances and plugin automation, whereas XY allows the user to control multiple parameters simultaneously with one, two and three finger configurations.

The Mixer control facilitates fader rides, panning, send levels and is currently supported in Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live and more.

Trigger turns the trackpad into trigger pads, while Scale helps you to play effortless solos in a selected scale and even supports aftertouch (for trackpads that are Force Touch enabled).

Visit Audioswift for more details.

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