Tracktion Unveils the Free Pro-level T7 DAW


Tracktion has announced the release of T7, which offers up support across Mac, Windows and Linux platforms and untold functionality for a free DAW.

Unlimited audio and midi tracks, with enhanced automation, all for for free. T7 from Tracktion is a pro-level DAW without the price tag.

Tracktion claim that: “This is no ‘Lite’ version, we do not impose track limits, plugin limitations or other such constraints commonly found in other low cost offerings.

Their effort to encourage new users to engage in DAW based production stretches to their light requirements for CPU and RAM power, but this is no indication of T7’s power.

Unlimited audio and midi tracks are included, as well as features like time stretching, warping and video syncing.

Producers will enjoy the step sequencer and LFO generators, but there’s also a lot to like for engineers, including clip layer effects and advanced audio comping.

For more details and the free download, check out the Tracktion website.

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