Tracking bass, drums and other bed tracks with local legends Bin Juice

By May 10, 2016Recording
bin juice recording bass

We’ve known the Bin Juice boys for a couple of years now but only recently got the chance to get them in the studio. They’re a five piece from the Northern Beaches who’ve been playing together for quite some time. They also have a very good idea of what they want to achieve in terms of vibe and sound. They’re prolific as hell and to say that they’re talented wielders of their instruments is an understatement.

bin juice recording bass

A view into the live room from our control room. Copper stick holder courtesy of my grandfather from way back.

We took our time setting up the session and decided to record the bed tracks (which happen to be for their next single) over a period of two days, laying down bass, drums and lead guitar first. The boys rarely record to a click but they did want something a little ‘slicker’ on this session so we recorded our own click with a shaker and some tapping, tightened it up and looped it across the track.


Chilling is just as important as sweating it out with cans on during a session. Eli getting some R&R on our street found couch. We encourage plenty of coffee, a good breakfast, an even better lunch and not being afraid of getting into the right headspace before hitting recording. If that means ciggies and beers (or any other substance for that matter), then it has to be done.



Bin Juice’s lead guitarist Hugo was recently featured as one of 20 Australian guitarists you need in your life and after spending a couple of days with these guys we know why. It was a pleasure working with these dudes and we look forward to having them back soon.

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