Touch David Gilmour’s Guitars… In VR!

By June 18, 2019Guitars, History, News
David Gilmour's Guitars

There are only days until 120 of David Gilmour’s guitars go under that hammer, including his infamous Black Strat. For now, however, they are on display in New York, and thanks to auction house Christie’s, everyone gets a sneak peek of the exhibition, in virtual reality.

David Gilmour's Guitars Auction

120 of David Gilmour’s guitars are about to go under the hammer, but for the time being, they’re on display in New York. If you can make it across the pond check them out in VR here!

Christies has kindly supplied a virtual reality exhibition space that homes Gilmour’s legendary instruments, including various Fenders, Gibsons, Martins and Gretches. Highlights include a 1954 Stratocaster with serial number 1, and Gretch White Penguin, which is thought to be one of 50.

The VR demonstration lets you get right up and personal with each of the legendary guitars, and if you’re game you can even check the price tags. More information on each guitar can also be found in a series of podcasts by the Pink Floyd Guitarist, where he details their use in his career.

The auction will take place on June 20th and all proceeds will go towards Gilmour’s charity foundation for victims of famine, homelessness and displacement.

Head over to Christies for more information.

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