Tony Buchen’s Favourite Mics of All Time (so far)

By August 5, 2016Features, Happy, Miking

3/5 AEA A440

Buchen: Probably the biggest sounding mic ever made. Imagine a perfectly restored old Chevy with a brand new V8 under the hood – it’s based on the impossibly warm RCA44 (think Ella Fitzgerald/Fats Waller) but with active circuitry allowing it to reach huge levels with the noise floor of a high end condenser. This mic kind of reinvents the wheel a bit – especially seeing you would usually tend to avoid using old Ribbon mics on quiet sources.

AEA A440 v2-01Name: AEA A440 | Year Introduced: 2007, Faithful recretion of the classic RCA 44, first built in 1936 | Type: Ribbon | Pattern: Figure 8

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