Tony Buchen’s Favourite Mics of All Time (so far)

By August 5, 2016Features, Happy, Miking

2/5 Neumann CMV 563

Buchen: These mics get a bad rap but I love them especially as overheads on drums, strings and the odd vocal. Made by Neumann’s East German outpost in Gefell it possesses many of the hallmarks of Soviet era design and build: practical yet full of quirks and unrefined compared to its West German cousins. Perfect for making recordings of character it sounds gritty and important.

Neumann CMV 563 v2-01Name: Neumann CMV-563 | Year Introduced: 1956-1971. Reintroduced in 2011 | Type: Condenser | Pattern: interchangeable capsule heads – omni, cardioid, figure 8

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