Tone Lab Dishes Up a Mini Synth Design with Stackable Sound Modules

Tone Lab, a device from the mind of industrial designer, Colin Hearon, simplifies the concept of modular synthesis. With sound units that you stack on, it’s designed to offer up a friendly introduction to electronic music creation.

Simple, elegant and a new way to approach synthesis: Tone Lab is a synth that invites you to stack up and experiment with sounds any way you want.

Hearon’s philosophy behind the concept was born out of a desire to bypass complex user interfaces that can confound users of soft synths. The goal of Tone Lab is to break down the process of sound creation to its elements – one piece at a time.

The process goes something like this: place chord units in the desired order, stack sound units (these could include effects like reverb or delay, sine wave generation, oscillators and filters), press play and start a loop, then modify chord values to alter pitch.

Stay tuned with all the developments on Colin Hearon’s website.

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