Tone King Unveils the Imperial MKII Guitar Amp Head

By June 8, 2019Amps, News
imperial mkII guitar amp tone king

Boutique amp specialists, Tone King, have just released the Imperial MKII amp head. It’s a 20 watt hand-wired machine that can be attenuated for more tonal options. imperial mkII guitar amp tone king

It’s sure to make a splash in the studio. The 20 watt Tone King Imperial MKII head features a classic American voicing with enough flexibility for any environment.

Along with the classic tone they’re famous for, the new Tone King head comes with onboard spring reverb and tremolo circuit – the latter of which is delivers a vintage-style pulsing amplitude modulation. The tube drive spring tank ranges from the subtle all the way to epic ambience.

Key to the amp’s versatility is the Ironman II reactive attenuation. There are six different attenuation settings that let you maintain the tonal sweet spot from the bedroom all the way to the gig. 

You also get a palette of retro colours to choose from, including turquoise/white, brown/cream, black/cream or just plain old cream.

For all the details, visit the Tone King website.

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