This Tiny DIY Single-PCB Synthesiser Is Adorable

By May 11, 2017Features, Synths

If you’re thinking of getting into DIY synths, the mini-TS could be your ticket in.

Built by Janostman, the mini-TS pushes the limits of completely stripped back sound synthesis. The adorable synth shares the same basic sound-generation firmware with his previous TinyTS, but features a lot more keys (2 octaves), an OLED, and MIDI in/out, while taking away some of the knobs.


If you’re thinking of getting into DIY synths, the adorable (but powerful) mini-TS could be your ticket in.

The keyboard is made of copper pads placed over a ground plane, and the code does simple capacitive-sensing to discern whether they’re being touched or not. You can also grab a mini-TS and fiddle around with the code – which is open source – to get even more creative.

The mini-TS can be built in a number of configurations depending on if you want to use it as a synth, CV controller or MIDI controller. The PCB can be built in 3 configurations, see them here.

Features of the mini-TS:

Clickable rotary encoder and 128×32 graphic OLED display for parameter entry.

2 Phase Distortion DCO’s with Detune
1 DCF Peak with ENV Modulation
1 DCA with AR-Envelope
CV/Gate 1volt/Octave output.
2 CV Inputs
1 Stereo Audio Output
PCB pads for MIDI Rx & Tx signals.
The stereojacks are TRS-type and have CV inputs on the ring.

You can buy it from just $29 here.

[via Hackaday]

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