Tiny But Powerful, the New Presonus Atom Performance Pad Controller

By September 14, 2018Production
Presonus Atom

The new Presonus Atom is a compact pad controller, perfect for triggering your loops, slapping out beats and playing any sort of instrument in any midi environment.

Designed with both performance and production in mind, the Atom is a flexible unit that puts limitless creative potential at your fingertips. Presonus makes the bold claim that the Atom is the most versatile pad controller in its class.

Presonus Atom

Both a performance controller and integrated production tool, the Presonus Atom offers huge amounts of versatility and creative potential.

The Atom has 16 full-sized, velocity and pressure sensitive RGB pads and eight banks for saving, mapping and profiles. It also comes with a built-in note repeat mode, full velocity mode, and keyboard mode.

The Atom is designed to work with most DAWs, however it offers full integration with Studio One with the ability to access the browser to load instruments, swap presets, form loops, navigate the timeline, and edit and quantise MIDI notes. It even comes with Studio One Artist in the box.

For more information check the Presonus website.

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