Tim Exile Unveils Endlesss – a Collaborative Jamming App

Tim Exile’s Endlesss is an app for iOS that enables real time remote collaboration. It’s been in development for three years and slated for release later this year.

Tim Exiles’s Endlesss app connects remote musicians in real time, allowing partners to remix each other’s loops spontaneously, export to your DAW and more.

The building blocks of an Endlesss project is the Rifff. The Rifffs can be recorded through the phone’s microphone, with an external instrument or an internal sample based synth, bass or drum sound pack.

It also features an FX pack for remixing, retrospective looping, the ability to set up jams with friends and Ableton Link capability.

Future developments include a chat style interface, text messages in jams, analog modelling synthesis and more.

To stay up to date with developments, visit the website.

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