Thom Yorke Reflects on Writing the Suspiria Soundtrack

You might think that there’s nothing left for Thom Yorke to do in the music game. Yet, composing a soundtrack was one of the mountains he’d yet to climb. Recently, he reflected on writing the Suspiria soundtrack with BBC Radio’s Mary Anne Hobbs.

Thom Yorke has penned the soundtrack to Suspiria. Watch as he performs some pieces from the score and reflects on what it’s like to be a first time film composer.

During the chat, Yorke describes the experimental studio process that helped him create new ways of writing. Experimenting with new gear in order to chase new inspiration was the order of the day.

He produced the music with the help of Sam Petts-Davies, who also features in the live performances (off-camera), by triggering loops and adding the other-worldly tails to his vocal phrases.

Air Studios, the venue famed for it soundtrack work for and its vast live room played host to the recording sessions.


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