This Is Not Rocket Science Reveals the Wobbler LFO Module

By March 27, 2018News, Synths

The Wobbler, from Dutch synth masters This Is Not Rocket Science is an advanced LFO module. According to the company, it’s “a modulation source that adds controlled chaos to your sound“.

Need some chaos in your life? The Wobbler from This Is Not Rocket Science is an advanced LFO module designed to create extra depth to your patches.

The character of the Wobbler is defined by the selection of waveshape. The five on offer include basic LFO, self-phased LFO, twang, double-pendulum and sample and hold.

The mod knob controls the shape specific modulation and the frequency knob controls the rate at which it oscillates. Being a dual output device, there are interesting ways that you can create phasing effects, with two LED arrays displaying the generated CV levels of each output.

Check out This Is Not Rocket Science for more details.

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