Think Pitch Shifting, With TC Electronic’s Brainwaves

By February 6, 2019News, Pedals
TC Electronic Brainwaves

When someone says pitch shifter, the first thing to come to mind is probably the Digitech Whammy. It’s a classic pedal and other manufacturers have had to try pretty hard compete. Well, it looks like TC Electronic has had a good think about it with their new stompbox, the TC Electronic Brainwaves.

TC Electronic Brainwaves

The TC Electronic Brainwaves is a thoughtful new pedal, capable of pitch shifting, whammy-esque bends and chorus-like detune sounds.

TC’s latest release boasts four different polyphonic pitch effects which alter two sperate voices. ‘Pitch’, is a basic pitch shift which expresses a set of intervals up or down, and ‘Wham’ is a take on the Whammy, and bends pitches up or down. ‘V1 to V2’ bends one voice to another, and ‘Detune’ creates chorus – like effects.

Another feature included is the new ‘MASH’ pressure sensitive footswitch, a nifty little item finding its way into many of TC Electronic’s new releases. It acts as an onboard expression pedal and can control three parameters at once. Brainwaves also makes use of  TC’s TonePrint editor app, which lets you to endlessly customise your own pitch effects.

The flexibility of this new unit makes it a very worthy contender to Digitech’s reigning pitch shifter champion. For more information take a look at TC Electronic’s website.

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