The Wetter Box Makes the Most of Your Effects Chain

By May 28, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals
wetter gigrig effects router

Though the Wetter Box doesn’t have any sounds of its own, its connectivity unlocks new territory in the effects you already have. A sophisticated and simple way to reimagine your pedal chain.

wetter gigrig effects router

Unlock unexplored stompbox territory. The Wetter Box allows you creates intuitive parallel blends for between effects pedal. It’s like a mixing desk for your pedals.

Here’s how the pedal’s creators, Gig Rig, describe their innovation:

Would you like to be able to coax sounds from your effects pedals that you didn’t even know were in there? How about mixing your favourite Fuzz and an Overdrive? Or a chorus and a phaser? What about mixing a short analog and a long digital delay?

The basic principle is that you have effects loop A and effects loop B, plus a big rotary dial in the middle to crossfade in between them in real time. An expression pedal can also be plugged into to perform this task.

You can also simply add loop B into loop A in blend mode.

For more info and specs, head over to the Gig Rig website.

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