The Valkyrie Synth by Exodus Digital Takes Synth Textures to New Heights

Musikmesse is back for 2018! With this iconic event comes a swag of innovative new gear like the Valkyrie virtual analog synth.

A synth that takes sound design to a new level: the Valkyrie from Exodus Digital dishes up ten oscillators per voice and connectivity to fit into any setup.

The synth features 128 voices, which can be doubled to 20 by combining voices. There’s also two wavetable oscillators, which offers 4,096 looped waveforms, and a nine-module effects unit which provides for endless complexity in tone sculpting.

The synth also has four stereo 32-bit,  96kHz outputs with MIDI capabilities for integration with controllers and DAW systems.

The clean and well-thought-out user interface is provides for tactile use, with a high-resolution OLED display. There is also a companion editor/librarian application for Windows and Mac.

Availability and pricing for the Valkyrie is yet to be announced.

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