The Ultramarine 4 is a Fairchild with EQ and Reverb

By May 21, 2019News, Software

Acustica Audio has unveiled the Ultramarine 4 plugin suite. Its inspiration is the Fairchild 670 – the compressor that spawned any number of tributes. It also adds two EQs, a reverb and a channel strip too.

The Ultramarine 4 offers up high quality Fairchild compression. Also thrown into the mix are two EQs, a reverb and a channel strip for good measure.

The Fairchild needs little introduction. It’s pedigree was established in the 1950s and continues to be one of the most sought after pieces of compression hardware in the audio world today.

The EQ section, however, shines a light on some lesser known vintage designs. The A-27 is based on variable tube architecture from ’60s era components, featuring a completely different electronic implementation from other units of the time.

The other EQ, labelled the A-64 is based on a passive circuit. It has only two correction bands available, but the focus here is definitely on musicality, rather than precision.

The A-58 reverb uses six electromechanical delay lines, which are tuned differently to produce an extremely smooth and warm sounding ambience.

For more info on this plugin suite, visit Acustica Audio.

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