The Trautonium is a 90 Year Old Synth and it’s Coming to Australia

By January 9, 2019News, Synths

One of the world’s pioneering electronic instruments is on tour. The trautonium is visiting Perth and Melbourne in April and will feature in performances by German musician, Peter Pichler.

Beyond vintage: the trautonium is from the dawn of the electronic instrument age and will be visiting these shores in April.

The instrument is monophonic, but unlike the keyboard style configurations that we know and love, the sound is created by pressing a resistor wire that was strung over a metal plate.

Being essentially “fretless” means that it excels in expressive vibrato playing. This style of performance was just the thing Alfred Hitchcock wanted for the terrifying flock attack sounds for The Birds, which was composed and performed by the only trautonium expert of the time, Oskar Sala.

Pichler, the preeminent expert on this unique instrument will be at the controls during the April tour.


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