The MFB Tanzbär 2 Lets You Program Both Digital and Analogue Beats

By October 15, 2018Drum Machines, News
Tanzbar 2

MFB have taken their successful Tanzbär and packed it with new features for their second rendition. One of the major new features of the Tanzbär 2, is its 8 new digital voices, added to the originals 7 analogue settings. Also included onboard is a super-creamy analogue bass synthesizer, meaning you can track basslines while sequencing drums. We’d say that puts this unit in groovebox territory.

Tanzbar 2

The MFB Tanzbär lets you track all of your favourite drum samples, in digital and analogue, as well as an all-new, creamy bass synth.

The Tanzbär 2’s analogue section offers two choices of kick and snare, as well as hats, congas and toms and percussion sounds. The waveform of the new analogue bassline can be tweaked and customised with a filter, tuner, envelope and LFO. On the digital side, the Tanzbär 2 can hold up to 208 files, which are customisable through MFB’s free online software.

The backbone of the Tanzbär 2 is a powerful step sequencer which can chain 4 patterns together to form 64 steps. 100 patterns can also be stored onboard for you to access later. Parameters like EQ, decay, cutoff and resonance can be adjusted in real time using the unit’s knobs and faders, making a perfect instrument for live performance purposes. The Tanzbär 2 is synchronisable to other units via USB or MIDI via Midi Clock.

For more information take a look at the MFB product page.

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