The Supro Delay is a Premium All Analog Echo Machine

By January 16, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

The Supro Delay is a new analog echo stompbox that uses new MN 3005 bucket brigade chips, providing everything from tight slapback to spacious echoes.

The Supro Delay is a new pedal that dishes up vintage analog echoes. It provides all the classic controls, plus filtering to slot the delays into the mix.

The front panel of the stompbox features four large knobs, which offer up the controls that you’d expect from a delay, with level, time and repeats.

Alongside these is the filter control. Supro say that:

This unique filter design provides both the dark and murky echoes associated with BBD analog delays as well as bright tape echo sounds that evolve over time with extended repeats.”

Adding to the street cred of the pedal, the Supro Delay was designed by Howard Davis, who was behind the EHX Deluxe Memory Man and the Pigtronix Echolution.

An expression pedal can also be plugged in to control the time, repeats and level.

Check out the Supro website for more details.

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