The Supa-Trem Jr. Tremolo Pedal is the Latest Incarnation of a Classic

By July 31, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals

Fulltone have announced the release of the Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal, which will replace the archetypal Supa-Trem 1. Sporting a swag of new features, it’s the smaller, smarter brother of the original.

Good things come in junior sized packages: the Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal from Fulltone dishes up all the tone of its ancestor, while packing in a few new features.

The stompbox provides three different waveforms – square, sine and warble. And with its digital brain (though it possesses a completely analog signal path) it can make absurdly long cycles of up to ten seconds, all the way up to 220bpm and beyond. Alternatively, it can be synced to a song’s tempo via tap tempo.

Additionally, there is 15dB of boost available and when the mix knob is all the way down, it turns into a clean boost pedal. Welcome traits from the original include Opto-1 photocell and Analog Devices JFET preamp.

Check out the Fulltone website for more info.

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