The Sound of Everything: Empress Reveals the Zoia Pedal Which Allows Infinite Creative Possibilites

By January 23, 2018News, Pedals

Since the mid-noughties, Empress Effects have forged a stellar reputation through stompbox innovation. With the Zoia, they’ve shattered the mould, creating a modular product with a matrix style interface, giving users the ability to infinite sonic connections.

The Zoia by Empress Effects is a pedal like no other. Still stompbox size, the device offers up a dizzying array of sound-sculpting options.

In a demo video released earlier today, the Zoia is put through its paces with tasks like triggering oscillators and routing them through LFOs – which seems to slant the device toward synth-land.

Then it demonstrates its ability customise effects chains – meaning it could also be interpreted a pedalboard in a single box.

With MIDI I/O and CV clock in, it could easily slot into a modular synth setup, with all presets that can be saved and shared via SD card.

It’s too early to say what this game changing machine can’t do yet, but we suspect that list will be very short.

The Zoia is tentatively slated for release in Autumn with US$450 price tag.

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