The Sexiest Air Con Ducts You’ve Ever Seen in a Studio

By December 14, 2010Making Enmore Audio
air con duct

We decided to stop counting the days and weeks a little while ago now. It’s probably also best to start thinking about getting a loan or stop counting how much over budget the project has gone. With that in mind, it’s still very hard to compromise on quality at any given turn. All the timber in the studio is Australian grown spotted gum. Anyone who’s invested in hardwood knows that you almost want to cry over every off cut that drops from the table of the circular saw and every effort is made to reduce waste.

Enter the sexiest air con ducts you’ve ever seen as well as some serious looking slot resonators. The sparky has also been through wiring up the 12V system and the star earthing which relates to the 240V inputs across the skirting panels which fall into line seamlessly with the slot resonators. This was not part of John’s original design but has worked really well for the studio.

slot resonators

air con duct

An air lock means you will eventually die unless there is a fresh air input somewhere. Therefore Air Con ducts in a studio are an essential part of their design.

air con ducts in a studio

recording studio wall

enmore audio wall

enmore audio

recording studio the stable panel

enmore audio door

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