The RØDECaster Pro is the New Go-To Unit for Podcasting

RØDE have continued to diversify their product line with RØDECaster Pro. The standalone unit offers four microphone channels, phone integration and programmable sound effects pads.

The standalone solution for podcasting has arrived. The RØDECaster Pro covers a wide range of podcasting situations with studio-level sound processing.

The four microphone channels can power condenser microphones and feature Class-A Servo biased preamps, which provide an incredibly clean signal.

It features onboard processing from APHEX (the Aural Exciter and the Big Bottom), alongside other voiceover relevant processors like compression, limiting, de-essing and noisegating.

Two features that make the RØDECaster just the thing for the podcasting medium is sound effect and jingle integration and phone interview capability: You can record audio direct to a pad, or drag and drop with the supplied software, while phones can be hooked up via Bluetooth with “mix minus” audio to prevent any distracting echoes.

You can go mobile by recording straight to a microSD card. Alternatively, recording to a computer via USB is also available, making it possible to edit further in your favourite DAW. 

Head over to RØDE for more info.

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