The Retro Revolver Dual-Channel Tube Compressor Unlocks the Magic of the Beatles Era

By January 30, 2018Features, News, Outboard

The Retro Revolver from Retro Instruments is a dual-channel tube based compressor is a modern take on the EMI modded Altec 436 compressor (then rechristened the RS124), which was made famous by its use on the Beatles’ sessions.

Taking its name from a particularly ground-breaking album, the Retro Revolver is a stereo compressor that delightfully squashes sound while maintaining vibrant dynamics.

Retro Instruments initiated the project back in 2011 and picked up where the EMI RS124 left off, but added some modern features like a side-chain filter, continuously variable input, output, threshold, attack and release, as well as stereo linking.

The construction and design however are as simple and classic as you would expect from Retro Instruments. It’s a machine that maintains the best of its heritage, all the while slotting into a modern studio workflow.

The simplicity of making the unit stereo enhances the Retro Revolver’s versatility. Not consigned to single channel duties, the compressor will be perfectly appropriate for a stereo bus and can even add another dimension to track mastering.

The Retro Revolver will cost $US 2,995 and start shipping in March.

Visit Retro Instruments for more details.

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