The RBMA-20 is the World’s Largest Step Sequencer

Red Bull Music & Culture has just unveiled the RBMA-20, which is the world’s biggest groovebox. It’s 10 metres long, 600kgs and is armed with 427 knobs.

The RBMA-20, from the team at Red Bull Music & Culture, is the world’s biggest step sequencer. If you can make it to Berlin, you can try it out for yourself.

The installation is part of the Red Bull Music Festival 2018. During October, the instruments that shaped Berlin’s famed club culture – for example, Roland’s TR-808 , TR-909, TB-303 and Ableton‘s Push – will become part of the city’s urban landscape, disguised as subway and tram cars.

The giant step sequencer will take pride of place outside Berlin’s iconic club, Tresor, where you can program your own grooves into it with the help of on-site experts.

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