The Rarest Synth In The World? Digitana Electronics Unearth The One-Off EMS Synthi KB1

By July 3, 2017News, Synths

In 1971, a single prototype synthesiser was created for iconic prog rock group Yes. Peter Zinovieff’s Electronic Music Studios (EMS) were the creators of the EMS Synthi KB1, and the only ever build has gone practically unused for over 40 years.

EMS Synthi KB1

As rare as it gets: Digitana Electronics have unearthed the only known copy of an EMS Synthi KB, a machine crafted for prog rock band Yes.

“The synth never went into production,” Digitana said on Facebook. “It has remained essentially unused for 46 years, though Steve Howe (Yes guitarist) did use it on a track in the first of his ‘homebrew’ demo recordings, some of which featured on the band’s albums.”

Digitana Electronics build interface modules for these largely forgotten Synthi products, many of which are extremely rare or damaged by time.

They are planning to release a few more photos of this synth as well as audio demos in the near future.

Via Fact Mag.

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