The PortaFm Dishes Up 80s Keyboard Nostalgia in Spades

Developed by Plogue, the PortaFM emulates the eccentric and lo-fi mini FM keyboards and keytars of the 80s. It recreates this sonic signature, however, in an easy to modify virtual instrument.

Domestic grade, lofi and full of nostalgic vibes: PortaFM captures the sound of 80s mini keyboards and turns it into a powerful plugin.

Plogue’s mission is to preserve antiquated chips that have long been superseded, and breathe new life into them by creating virtual instruments that celebrate all their quirks.

For the PortaFM, they’ve emulated the OPLL chip found in Yamaha models like the PSS-140, PSS-270 and the SHS-10 Keytar.

Additional features include automated sequencing of sonic parameters, sophisticated layering and effects for the modulator and carrier.

Cuckoo demonstrates the new found horsepower of the low cost chip in the video below.

Check out Plogue’s website for more information.

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