The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects Delivers Oscar-Winning Sound

By August 16, 2019Mixing, News, Recording, Software
Odyssey Collection Foley Effects

Sourcing convincing sound effects for visual projects – especially when time and budget are on short supply – can prove to be a great challenge. A comprehensive and world-class sound library, like the one on offer from the Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects, can be a godsend in this situation.

But even that could be selling it short. This package from the Academy award-winning sound designers Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson provides an extensive palette of natural sounds to incorporate into your projects.

Odyssey Collection Foley Effects

Tap into elite sound design for your next project. The Odyssey Collection: Foley Effects is a library designed to deliver seamless sound effects.

A potential challenge of inserting Foley into a scene is the initial recording. Accessing a studio and Foley stage, complete with all the props you’ll need and performing in sync with the action on screen can also be prohibitively expensive.

The Odyssey Collection features a plethora of pre-recorded Foley sounds, like footsteps, the rustle of cloth, body grabs – all recorded at a world class level. There are also less conventional sounds on hand, like chair slides, coins, aerosol spray cans and even the sound of a butterfly beating its wings.

For more information, head over to the Pro Sound Effects website.

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