The NFM Synth Brings the Delights of FM Synthesis to the iPad

By August 1, 2017Happy, News, Software, Synths

The NFM synth for iPad is the latest creation from Sydney based developer Nikolozi Meladze.

The NFM synth brings the unique qualities of FM synthesis to your iPad in an intuitive and slick user interface.

The FM synth is a particular flavour indeed. Frequency Modulation (FM for short) synths gained prominence in the 1980’s with the Yamaha DX7, with its digital precision making it the go to for piercing leads, ethereal pads and bass lines that have real cut through.

NFM can be used as an audio unit extension inside iOS sequencers like Cubasis, Auria Pro and Garageband to mention a few.

Synths like the DX7 were notoriously difficult to program (people are actually creating ways to make it easier), but the NFM’s interface gives the user easy access to the envelope parameters, pitch envelopes and built in effects distortion, delay and flanger.

The ease of use shouldn’t detract from the synth’s depth however, and FM enthusiasts will be buoyed by the ability to fully customise FM algorithms, which is central to capturing the FM synth character.

The NFM is available now through the app store.

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