The Next Generation of Tone We All Know and Love: Vox Reveals the Nutube Range of Amps

By January 23, 2018Amps, News
Vox MVX 150 nutube

Vox is undoubtedly one of the heavyweights in the arena of guitar amplification. Now they’re adding a line of new classics to their stable including the MVX150 and two new flavours of MV50 micro heads.
Vox MVX 150 nutube

Vox have been leading the way in amplification for more than half a century. Far from resting on their previous success, they’ve unleashed a swathe of Nutube powered amps.

The MVX 150 (which is available as a head and cab or combo) is equipped with a Nutube in the preamp and power amp stage, with two channels that go from clean to hi-gain. Sonic variety is ample with the use of EQ, digital reverb and a wet only output for a potential wet/dry rig.

Vox’s micro head range has also expanded with the arrival of the MV50 High Gain and Boutique.

The High Gain comes with a Mid Control Switch that boosts or cuts mid-range frequencies, offering the player a chance to beef up lead tones. A sleek and ever-so-simple interface – only one knob each for gain, tone and volume – means its easy and fast to dial in an aggressive bite.

The Boutique is a more refined affair, ideally tailored to a player who is chasing a warm, clean to overdriven vintage vibe.  It shares the High Gain’s three knob control set and both heads weigh a ridiculously light 540 grams.

Visit Vox for more details on the new their new releases.

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