The New Ripplemaker App For iOS Is An Affordable Introduction To Modular Synths

By June 21, 2017News, Software

Soft-synths for tablet and mobile just keep getting better, bolder and more intuitive. The latest in an ever-increasing line of such instruments is the modular synth Ripplemaker from developer, Bram Bos.


Ripplemaker, a new app for iOS from developer Bram Bos, is the perfect introduction to modular synths for newcomer who don’t want to fork out a fortune.

Modelled on the West Coast modular stylings pioneered by Don Buchla, the Ripplemaker is an easy-to-use patchable synth, including virtual oscillator, slope generator and FM modules that the user can plug in or bypass with “patch cables”.

For getting a jam up and running quickly, the app features a sequencer with random-pattern generator, with pre-wired modules that can be customised by the user.

Additionally, for the folks wanting to incorporate the synthy goodness into more fully fledged projects, Ripplemaker exports MIDI and WAV file and features support for Ableton Link, so you can jam in sync with your buddies.

Ripplemaker is available on the app store for $9.

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