The New Mac Pro to Contain Up To 28 Cores

mac pro 2019 28 core powerful mac

Many have cried out for an update to the “trash can” for years. It’s finally set to drop. At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2019), the new Mac Pro was announced. mac pro 2019 28 core powerful mac

Cutting edge specs with a “Back to the Future” twist. The new Mac Pro has just been announced at WWDC 2019.

Firstly, the trash can’s external enclosure is now a thing of the past. This makes the new Pro resemble the even older “cheese grater” tower. With a more traditional setup, internal PCI slots are now back on the menu.

This means it can be loaded with up to six Avid HD cards, which will provide extended track counts and more grunt for Pro Tools users.

Of course, the headline figure is that core count. With up to 28 available in its Intel Xeon CPU, processing power is seemingly unlimited. The catch, as is always the case with Apple, is that you’ll be forking out plenty, with the base model coming in at $5,999 US.

Stay tuned to Apple for the updates.

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