The New FM Player App from AudioKit Pro Dishes up Lush DX7 Tones For Free

By December 13, 2017News, Software, Synths

Developer AudioKit Pro has given the world FM Player: a deep and characterful FM synth emulation app for iOS. You can download it for free now.

The FM Player app from AudioKit Pro is packed with classic presets that offer a faithful tribute to the crystalline and sometimes brutal sounds of the DX7.

The app was in development for several months, a period in which classic FM synths of the 80s – such as the Yamaha Dx7, DX7II and the TX81z – were sampled.

Being a new app, it has all the connectivity you might expect to slot into a DAW based workflow, such as MIDI In (with all knobs capable of MIDI learn) and AudioBus 3 integration for use with iOS based DAWs.

FM Player also has built in effects like reverb, delay, auto pan, bit crush and more.

For more details, visit the AudioKit Pro site.

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