The Need 31102 Plugin Dishes Up Iconic Neve Console Tone

noise ash need 31102 neve plugin

In DAW based production, it’s rare that we get a chance to get a feel for an analog channel strip. With the Need 31102 console EQ plugin from Noise Ash though, the heart of the Neve 8068 desk is right there where you need it.

It’s a full-featured preamp and EQ,  the very same that featured on a swag of hit records from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana and Metallica, with a couple of new tricks up its sleeve.noise ash need 31102 neve plugin

The Neve sound is associated with power and attitude, all with a refined character. The Need 31102 from Noise Ash offers up the same signature in the form of a plugin.

The first stage of the signal flow is the preamp, with added drive switch. Following that is the filter section, a low pass from 6 to 18kHz and a high pass from 45 – 360Hz.

In the EQ section, there are high and low shelves, plus two mid bands, which also have Hi-Q – with one that Noise Ash has added themselves. They’ve also tacked on a new mid sides processor, with a handy pan pot to smoothly navigate between middle and sides of the stereo spectrum.

For more info on this characterful plugin, visit the Noise Ash website.

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