The Motor Synth has Demolished its Crowdfunding Target

By June 14, 2019News, Synths
motorsynth gamechanger audio indiegogo crowdfunding

A month ago, we brought news of the Motor Synth – the world’s first electro-mechanical desktop synth. We were excited – and as the crowdfunding evidence suggests – so was everyone else.motorsynth gamechanger audio indiegogo crowdfunding

Create the world’s first electro-mechanical synth: check. Exceed crowdfunding target: check. Time to get excited – looks like the Motor Synth will definitely hit the streets.

The team behind the Motor Synth launched a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo, with a target of $50,000 USD. They’ve not only reached the target, they’ve comprehensively smashed it. Last time we checked, the figure was sitting pretty at around $256K – more than five times the original target.

Here’s how the company behind the project, Gamechanger Audio, explain their reasons for turning to Indiegogo:

We wish to make MOTOR Synth available to everyone in terms of soonest delivery and best price point. This means that we need to organize our production in larger batches. Being a small company, this means that we need your help to make big things happen.”

And if you need a reminder on how the Motor Synth earned its name, it produces sounds by accelerating and decelerating electro-motors to precise RPMs. These speeds correspond with musical notes.

There’s a lot more to learn about this innovative instrument, so visit the Indiegogo page for all the details.

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