The Moogseum has Just Opened in the US

By May 24, 2019History, News, Synths
bob moog moogseum new museum synth history

The Bob Moog Foundation has cut the ribbon on the Moogseum – situated in the company’s hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. It promises to be an immersive exploration at the intersection of science, music and innovation.

bob moog moogseum new museum synth history

Definitely one to check out next time you’re in the states. The Moogseum showcases the historic innovations of the synth pioneer – a place where you can be inspired by Bob Moog’s legacy.

Some of the key exhibits that are on display include an interactive timeline of Bob Moog’s life and a recreation of his workbench.

On a more educational level, there is an immersive visualisation that details how electricity becomes sound, a timeline on the history of synthesis and a hands-on exhibit where you can learn synthesis. The story of Leon Theremin is also covered, whose invention was a turning point in Moog’s own life.

The Moogseum should be added to your itinerary next time you’re in the good ol’ US of A. In the meantime, visit the Bob Moog Foundation website for more details.

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