The MiniMo: An Adorable, Affordable Introduction to Modular Synths

By May 30, 2017News, Synths

The pursuit of synth happiness has sent many an unsuspecting punter to the depths of bankruptcy. The things (especially those vintage analog ones) are damn expensive, occasionally prohibitively so.


Say hello to the MiniMo, an adorable, affordable introduction to modular synths.

There is a countermovement however, designed to bring synthesis to not-so-rich, and the more adventurous DIY types.

Developer Jose Gonzalez recently introduced the miniMO, an 8 Bit synth module that can be individually programmed to create filters, oscillators and sequencers. Link the units together and you have a modular setup.

At 25 euros each, setting up your own micro modular rig is within reach. Even better if you have some DIY skills, as the kit versions come in at 15 euros.

“I built miniMO with the aim to make a modular system as affordable as possible, so that people can see what it is about and give it a try without breaking the bank,” says Gonzalez.

All the modules have an ATtiny85 at their core, so it is very easy to program them with the Arduino IDE. Also, the modules are all identical: if you have three units, you can program three oscillators, or one oscillator, one sequencer and one filter, or any other combination of the available programs.

I have already programmed all the (in my opinion) basic synthesis blocks, and I’m actively developing new ones.”

The MiniMo, along with step-by-step guides on how to build and program the synth is available right here.

Check it out in action below.

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