The Mellosound Brings the Classic Charm of the Mellotron to Your Mac

By May 29, 2019News, Software
Fingerlab Mellowsound

The Mellotron was a sampler instrument released in the 1960s, that created ethereal tones and was used and esteemed by the likes of David Bowie, The Beatles and The Moody Blues. Not a bad resume. Now, software developers Fingerlab have created a new digital emulation of the classic unit, the Mellosound.

Fingerlab Mellowsound

The Mellotron is a highly sought after instrument that was used by The Beatles, however, original units can cost more than a heart transplant. Luckily, Fingerlab has released ‘Mellosound’ an app for Apple devices.

The Mellotron is mythical. It had a big part to play in creating the sound of the ’60s, especially the more experimental later years of the decade. It’s a haunting string/organ sound that has been sought after since, with even modern artists such as Radiohead embracing the oddball instrument. Original units can be exceedingly expensive, so lucky for you, the legends at Fingerlab have created a software version.

Mellowsound operates via Mac with professional standard quality (6bit/44Khz), either as a standalone app or in your DAW as an Audio Unit. The package comes with 18 instruments including ‘Sad Strings’, electric guitar and Vibraphone. These voices can be tweaked via the classic Mellotron settings, Volume, Tone and Pitch, and three effects, Delay, Tremolo and Reverb can be added. The app can also be operated using Midi.

Fingerlab’s Mellowsound is available on Mac OS and IOS via the iTunes store, or for more information head to Fingerlab’s website.

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