The Legendary Roland JX-3P is Now Available as a VST on Roland’s Cloud

By October 22, 2018News, Software, Synths
rolan jx-3p

The Roland JX-3P was big in the ’80s, as big as the hair. An old unit, however, is going to be a little impractical today, the hair too. The JX-3P was geared towards the user who wanted the legendary Roland sounds of the Juno and Jupiter, with easy access through 64 presets. The software was originally released on ‘808 day as a ‘plug-out’ for the System-8 Synthesiser, but now anyone can use it as a VST on their favourite DAW.

rolan jx-3p

The Roland JX-3p was the quintessential ’80s synth, and it’s now available as a VST via Roland’s Cloud, so you can access classic sounds on your DAW.

Roland has implemented their nifty ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) replication technology to make sure the JX-3P has all the sonic charm of the original. The updated classic includes an all-new effects pack, with delay, distortion and reverb, as well as an arpeggiator. The JX-3P was built for ease of access rather than endless customisation, however, Roland has also included a software version of their PG-200 programmer for hands-on tweakability.

From the Roland Cloud website:

“Don’t let this synth’s sleek veneer fool you. The most attractive quality of the JX-3P is its versatility. The presets alone provide a masterclass in sonic engineering. Present midrange, shimmering high end, punchy bass frequencies—it’s all there. Throw in a revolutionary MIDI option, and it’s easy to see why this user-friendly powerhouse is now part of Roland Cloud’s Legendary series. What about hands-on sound manipulation?

Enter the PG-200. Augmented by the PG 200, JX-3P users could navigate between out-of-the-box excellence and infinite customization. Visceral control options, not one but TWO stabilizing Digitally Controlled Oscillators, and Roland’s unmatched soundscapes—it’s no wonder the JX-3P shines brightly on countless classic recordings.”

Head over to the Roland Cloud website to check it out.

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