The Kepler Orchestra is Packed with Pulsating Cinematic Textures

By May 28, 2019News, Software
kepler orchestra minimalism cinematic sample library

Spitfire Audio has just released the Kepler Orchestra. It’s a sample library that crams in close to 40GB of cutting edge cinematic sounds, focusing interlocking orchestral rhythms.

kepler orchestra minimalism cinematic sample library

Evoke the sensation of speed, movement and suspense with the Kepler Orchestra. Recorded at the legendary AIR Studios and inspired by Philip Glass, Steve Reich and more.

Spitfire’s description of the library emphasises that this is a collection with a difference:

All 54 of our unique articulations and playing styles, many never before sampled, have been orchestrated by Ben Foskett, produced by Harry Wilson and expertly recorded by renowned engineer Fiona Cruickshank through the famous custom Neve console via legendary Montserrat preamps.”

Key to the libraries unique flavour is the implementation of Spitfire’s Systems Grid. Here’s how they describe it:

“…our highly interactive Systems Grid is much more of an articulation mapping tool. Instead of using the pegs to create different textures, they are split by time divisions (duplet, triplet, quintuplet and septuplet time), tempo locked to your DAW and allowing you to quickly create sophisticated combinations of different rhythms.”

In other words, the system gives you maximum control and realism in articulation – which is high on the list for creating pulsating polyrhythmic cues.

For more info, visit Spitfire Audio.

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